Green World

green World

"Organic agriculture is part of a wide range of methodologies that support the protection of the environment. Organic production systems are based on specific and precise production standards aimed at achieving optimal agro ecosystems that are sustainable from the point of view Social, ecological and economic.

 Argentina has developed successful experiences in organic agriculture; both in regulatory and institutional matters; For these reasons, it has been considered a benchmark in terms of organic production and its management processes.

Argentina has natural and competitive advantages for the production of organic food, and with this it is in a position to increase the supply and contribute to meet the demand for organic products, not only at the level of production of agri-food raw materials, but also of products with Different degrees of transformation.

Argentine agricultural production has been characterized by the use of a low level of agrochemicals, and although in recent years its use has increased, it does not reach levels comparable to those of developed countries. 

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